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Air Conditioning Purge/De-Bug

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Air Conditioning Purge/De-Bug
If there are bad odours coming from your air vents when you turn on your car AC, then your car may also benefit from an air con clean, also known as a debug or purge. Over time harmful bacteria, mould and fungi can build up on the evaporator in your air con system which produces this unpleasant smell when switched on. In some cases this can cause sickness and respiratory problems as bacterial spores are blown into the cabin of the vehicle and breathed in by the passengers.

Our Purge product has been tested to be 99.9% effective against viruses, such as Coronavirus, and Bacteria (most only cover bacteria). Our trained technicians will carry out a treatment that will cleanse the air conditioning system improving the air quality, eliminating odours and providing a healthier environment in your vehicle
Right now you can get a thorough Air-Conditioning de-bug at J Davy for just £24.00 Inc. VAT. 

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